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    Watch Bible Movies has assembled a large range of free bible based movies, christian movies, and children's bible stories and movies.All bible films can be viewed immediately, and from the comfort of our specialised and christian oriented website, designed to make watching free christian films easy for everyone.
  • Children's Bible Stories

    There is absolutely nothing more important in this world than to teach our children the fundamental aspects of God, and the salvation we are freely given as a gift of grace through His Son Jesus.While its not our place to do this for your children, we're showing Christian stories designed and made for young children - to teach and to entertain in a quality way which is for their greater understanding in their own lifelong walk with Christ.
  • Bible Movies

    Bible movies are sorted into two categories, the general Bible movies category which is made up of free films from smaller studios, and the Hollywood Bible movies which are made by Hollywood.We've done this for the benefit of the viewer so they can differentiate between the more authentic films, and those from Hollywood which are often notoriously inaccurate.
  • Christian Movies

    The Christian movies category shares films with a Christian message or theme. These may be in the form of historical aspects of Christianity, or modern day fictional stories that revolve around the Christian faith of their characters.Christian movies contain a wide range of story types and themes, from films made a very long time ago to much more modern films. But remember, if its made by Hollywood then its Christian message is usually totally off base in its most important aspects.
  • Listen To The Bible

    For those of us who get so busy with our everyday lives, yet would still love to listen and learn from the Holy Scriptures while busy with other tasks, then the Bible audio has every book of the Bible ready to listen to right now.Based on the Gold Standard of all Bibles, the reader renders the King James Bible in all its books from Genesis to Revelation. But remember that nothing can ever replace our own careful study and love of the Scriptures.
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Daily Devotionals From Our Daily Bread

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A Caution: Bible Movies Are Not Accurate

Free Bible Movies

Please be aware that almost every bible movie is often not scripturally or historically accurate. This is most especially true of any bible movies which are made by Hollywood. As such, these films should only be considered as entertainment, and nothing more. We recommend regular personal reading of the Holy Bible, preferably the King James AV, to ensure our faith in Jesus Christ remains as accurate and as scripturally truthful at all times.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

Kids Bible Stories

The Old Testament is filled with inspiring stories. But the story of Moses the Hebrew is, perhaps, the...
Noah is most famous for the ark that he built, on which he saved his family and many different animanls. But...
Saul was the first king which God chose to rule over Israel on earth. God would tell His prophet Samuel...
When the Israelite Naomi and her two daughters-in-law are left as widows in a foreign land. Naomi begs them...
The prophets in the Bible told us for a long time that before the Messiah would come, another man would call...
Many bad people had taken control of Judaea, the king was not an Israelite - but a foreigner, and the land...
Two wealthy men respond to Jesus in very different ways. One, who is basically good, is unable to accept...
Jesus began His earthly ministry at the age of 30. Jesus was a perfect, sinless man, and followed the law of...
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Listen To The Bible

Listen to the Holy Bible online, chapter by chapter, from Genesis to Revelation.

All Glory To Our Saviour God

How Great Thou Art
Carrie Underwood

This is my favourite rendering of How Great Thou Art. Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful hymn, and praise our Lord God Almighty for all He has done for us, all who He is, for His eternal love and longsuffering to us as we continually fall away from His perfect love and grace. Thank God Almighty also for the perfect gift of His most righteous Son, through whom is all deliverance and forgiveness - as was promised to us throughout all eternity and was completely fulfilled at the cross on Calvary.

Carrie Underwood has been truly blessed by God in the gift of her voice, and this can no more be seen than when we hear this majectic hymn to the God who gave her that wonderful gift. We love Carrie and our God who created her, and for this wonderful gift we can now all share in praise.